His mother asked him to drop out of school.

At 14, David Karp was always glued to his computer designing and selling websites.

Classes for him were boring as Karp has always been smarter than the children his own age.

His mother then realized that Karp can not thrive in an institutional environment.

“It became very clear that David needed the space to live his passion, which was computers,” Karp’s mom tells Born Realist.

From an early age, Karp followed his passion.

He started his tech career by taking on small jobs to save money for his own company.

He named his company Davidville.

One of Davidville’s projects was the blogging service Tumblr.

Karp had trouble starting Tumblr because he often felt uncomfortable in situations with people.

He also couldn’t properly manage his Tumblr employees resulting in low revenue.

To turn things around, he would wake up really early and go to the office while it was still dark to work alone.

“Where I feel the most productive and engaged is when I’m buried in code or in some project,” Karp explains.

His efforts paid off making Tumblr a success!

Now, Karp is worth more than $200 million making him one of the youngest millionaires in the world.

He found something worth risking for

If you don't take risks, you will work for someone who does

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