Her name is Dawn Lee.

She is popular on social media as a beauty YouTuber from South Korea.

But she is sick.

Lee was diagnosed with lymphoma last February.

South China Morning Post follows her journey as she battles cancer.

Lee makes extraordinary make-up tutorials as part of her cancer diary.

She was not scared to share her experience with chemotherapy.

Losing her hair was an emotional journey.

“Wow, that’s a crazy amount that’s gone,” Lee said. “This part is almost bald. The hair will grow again.”

She would find hair on her bed every morning so her boyfriend replaced her white sheets to dark colored ones.

Then she decided to shave all her hair in a salon.

“But it looks like a kiwi, haha,” she told the stylist. “I shouldn’t laugh while I’m crying.”

In her cancer diary, Lee also showed a chemo port implanted in her shoulder.

“When I first got this, it looked scary,” she said. “I was afraid to look at it. I hated it. But I decided to think of it as a medal of honor. It proves that I’m fighting on.”

Lee recorded a special makeup tutorial and uploaded it on YouTube.

She hopes to inspire others.

“I hope that by sharing these things,” Lee explains, “I can provide a little comfort to anyone with the same or a similar illness, or their families.”

"It proves that I'm fighting on": This is the courageous journey of a South Korean beauty star who was diagnosed with lymphoma.

Posted by South China Morning Post on Thursday, May 23, 2019


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