Jellyfish are beautiful but deadly. But what do you do when you are at the beach and get stung by one?

Tech Insider gives you these reminders:

Don’t pee on it
Jellyfish tentacles are covered with venomous cells. When triggered, the cells release needle-point nematocysts. The nematocysts hold venom that they inject into the victim. Peeing on or scratching the wound will trigger dormant nematocysts, causing more pain.

Use vinegar
By pouring vinegar over the wound, nematocysts are deactivated. Attached tentacles can easily be removed on the wound without the pain using tweezers.

Dip in hot water
Jellyfish venom is sensitive to heat. By immersing the wound in hot water for 45 minutes, the venom is deactivated, relieving the victim of the pain.

It’s best to remember these tips. You’ll never know when they’ll come handy.



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