It’s a race against time so better include this on your bucket list.

National Geographic Travel has included Tbilisi, Georgia as one of the trips of 2018.

Tbilisi may be riotous and anarchic but it’s also one of the world’s most strikingly original cities.

The city is a compendium of the Old World and the vibrant West.

At the silk road crossroads, Tbilisi is where Arab, Ottoman, Mongol and Russian cultures have each imprinted their own distinct marks.

Crowd drawers of the city are its sulfur baths. These are the dome-shaped public baths found around Tbilisi.

You shouldn’t also miss a taste of Georgian cuisine like Khinkali stuffed with cheese, mushrooms, or a spicy pork-and-beef mixture, and churchkhela, a snack of nuts rolled in thickened grape juice.

Tbilisi also offers visitors castle ruins, cathedrals, fortresses, cafés and flea markets.

After the devastating war with Russia in 2008, waves of foreign investments have transformed Georgia into a model of frenetic development.

And before Tbilisi transforms into a modern metropolis, it’s best to hurry and visit and experience its historic charm.

Georgia’s capital is anything but orderly. Despite this—or because of it—it's one of the best, most strikingly original cities in the world.

Posted by National Geographic Travel on Saturday, 5 January 2019


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