What are the best plants to purify air in your homes?

Homey Home gives these 5 indoor plants for every room in your house.


1 Gerbera Daisy

Put this in your laundry room. The purifying flower removes Benzene & Formaldehyde, toxins found in detergents.


2 Golden Pothos

The best spot for it is the garage. The air-filtering plant removes ozone, a respiratory irritant found in car exhaust. Don’t worry about its maintenance. The plant does fine in low sunlight and cool temperatures.


3 Aloe Vera

If you want a good night’s sleep, have this in the bedroom. It emits oxygen at night improving sleep quality.


4 Janet Craig

Better have this in your bathroom. It reduces carcinogen TCE which can be released into the air if you shower in TCE-contaminated water.


5 Peace Lily

Peace Lilies reduce all kinds of toxins including Benzene, Ammonia, Acetone and Ethyl. The plant keeps toxins from spreading between rooms so it is best to place it in hallways.


What are you waiting for? Get all of these plants now!



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