Two towns in Guatemala have a unique way of celebrating All Saints’ Day and the Day of the Dead.

Every November 1, the people of Santiago Sacatepéquez and Sumpango honor the dead by flying brilliantly-colored giant kites.

According to the National Geographic Travel, this tradition originated in pre-Columbian times and became intertwined with the Catholic observance of All Saints’ Day over centuries of colonialism.

The huge kites are constructed using bamboo, paper and cloth.

The size is 40-feet in diameter but it can go beyond that.

For the design, it should promote harmony among community members.

It must also depict the celebration of life.

Flying kites a fun way to honor the dead, don’t you think so

Guatemala Kites on Day of the Dead

During Day of the Dead, the people of Santiago Sacatepéquez and Sumpango, Guatemala celebrate life through the tradition of building and flying these giant kites.

Posted by National Geographic Travel on Thursday, 1 November 2018


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