Plastic bottles can now be used to pay for movie tickets and bus rides in four cities.

The World Economic Forum shows how these four cities are doing this as part of their recycling movement.

1. Beijing, China

This city has special ticket machines on the metro that accept plastic bottles as payment. The machines have a slot where you put the empty bottles into.

2. Surabaya, Indonesia

Instead of paying in cash, Indonesians get to ride the bus using plastic bottles and other wastes that can be recycled like newspapers. They are given tickets to get two hours of travel.

3. Istanbul, Turkey

They have taken the step further in Istanbul, Turkey. People here exchange plastic waste for credit in their metro card. The card can be used on many different forms of transportation in the city.

4. Sydney, Australia

This city has a machine similar to Beijing’s. But their high-tech reverse vending machine, however, gives more options for rewards. Plastic bottles can be traded not just for free bus rides but also for free movie tickets.

These cities let you pay for transport with plastic

These cities are leading the way.Read more on plastic pollution:

Posted by World Economic Forum on Sunday, 16 September 2018



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