These best friends have taken social media by storm – all because of their beards.

“In 2014, Brian started growing his beard out and then I got jealous,” Jonathan Dalh tells Style Insider.

“He had suggested that we put some things in our beards and then we ended up taking some photos and then we started our Instagram page and yeah, the rest is history,” Jonathan adds.

They call themselves the Gay Beards.

“We want people to smile,” Brian Delaurenti says. “We have a very humor-based friendship. We love to be funny.”

Brian and Jonathan have been friends since childhood. Being the Gay Beards gives them a creative outlet and a way to cheer people.

“Once we started growing our social media, we realized that so many people reached out to us all the time being like I had a terrible day or I had a terrible week or I haven’t smiled in so long and this just made me happy,” adds Jonathan. “You really get to connect with people on a level that you would’ve never anticipated being on social media.”

The decorations they put in their beards are limitless. With the creativity they put into it, these best friends have become fashion icons!



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