A village in Taiwan was set to be demolished by the government.

But a 96-year-old man became its savior.

Huang started painting images of puppies, kittens and pigs on the houses.

“If I didn’t paint this village, they would have destroyed it,” Huang tells BBC Travel.

“There were 1,200 households living here. I painted to protect some of the homes, and in the end 11 were protected.”

The village has been Huang’s home for 37 years.

Painting it has been his everyday routine.

He would get up as early as 3 a.m. to start painting using supplies bought with his own money.

Huang never studied painting and the things he drew are from what he remembered as a child.

“I was 3-years-old when my father taught me how to draw,” he says.

Huang is now called “The Rainbow Grandpa.”

He made the village one of the leading attractions in Taichung City.

“I didn’t know that people would like it so much,” Huang says. “Now everyone likes it.”

With more than a million visitors each year, the government agrees the village should be preserved.

This inspired Huang to never stop painting his village.

“I don’t care how old I am,” Huang stresses. “I will be drawing even when I’m 100.”

This 96-year-old grandpa painted his village to save it from demolition. Now millions of tourists are coming to see it.(via BBC World Service)

Posted by BBC Travel on Wednesday, 21 November 2018



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