Can plants grow without soil or sunlight?

Farm One in Manhattan shows In The Know Presents how this can be done.

“Vertical farming is all about using hydroponics and LED lighting to allow us to grow year-round,” explains Rob Laing, CEO of Farm One. “Hydroponics means growing plants in a water-based nutrient solution instead of soil.”

“Seeds are planted in materials like coconut husks and other reusable materials,” adds Rob. “We don’t use any pesticides. And so, the food is absolutely clean to eat straight off the leaf and we use beneficial insects instead to control any pests.”

Farm One is a 1,200 square-foot farm inside a basement that grows more than 500 kinds of plants and herbs and sells it to New York’s top restaurants. Prices range from 65 cents per edible plant to $40 per pound for Pluto Basil.

The farm is open for those interested to learn about hydroponics. You need to pay $50 for the tour.

Underground farm grows 500 kinds of plants in Manhattan

This underground farm in Manhattan grows hundreds of rare herbs, edible flowers and other greens for some elite restaurants

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