Iceland, as its name suggests, is a very cold country. But would you believe tomatoes can thrive in this cold European nation?

Nash Daily describes it as “one of the most interesting tomatoes in the world because this tomato is grown in a place where it shouldn’t grow.”

People in Iceland have developed a way to grow their own vegetables.

They use hot volcanic water to heat a greenhouse and cold clean water to nourish the plants. The result – tomatoes from 100 percent green energy!

Half of Iceland’s vegetables are grown this way.

Nash Daily recommends other countries to follow Iceland’s example of “how humans eat from the planet without hurting the planet”.


This is the story of how a country where nothing should grow in its cold climate has managed to grow….vegetables!Without hurting the environmentWithout bad side effects. Just vegetables growing from volcanic and glacier water!This is the story of ICELAND!Thank you so much for Friðheimar Greenhouse for hosting me, letting me film at your establishment and letting me eat your tomatoes to make this video!!! Highly recommended.Join me on Nas Daily Global – a new group I'm starting that is shaping up to be awesome!

Posted by Nas Daily on Thursday, 14 June 2018



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