So you think your data is safe in today’s world?

“We are losing privacy at an alarming rate and soon, we will have none left,” John McAfee tells Veiliux. Mcafee is the founder of the software company McAfee Associates that created McAfee, the first commercial antivirus software.

Hackers are out there to get you.

But not all hackers are bad.

There are those known as ethical hackers who can help you protect your data.

Ethical hacking has turned into a growing business and has become a necessary one too.

These hackers are for hire to look for loopholes in systems and keep your information secured. They see solutions to problems that other people can’t see.

Successful companies like Facebook and Google have bugs in their system that could be a potential threat.

Some of these bugs were located by Shahmir Amir, a Pakistani ethical hacker and founder of Veiliux. Incidents like these are the reason there is a need for cyber security which only ethical hackers can provide.

So you think it’s high time you hire one?

Do we need more hackers?

In this age of technology, your privacy isn't private anymore

Posted by Veiliux on Thursday, 3 May 2018



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