Do you want to know why businesses in China are successful?

Nas Daily takes a trip to the city of Hangzhou in China to show how buildings built in the shape of the sun, the moon and six people holding hands can channel in “good energy” from the river and spread it across the city.

“In China people believe in good energy,” says Israeli-Arab video blogger Nuseir Yassin, the mam behind Nas Daily.

“Good energy brings success, bad energy brings failure and these Chinese buildings are built in a way to increase good energy and kill bad energy,” he adds.

Yassin said Hangzhou’s buildings are built following the rules of feng shui where the placement and location of objects can influence good luck.

“They put the sun and the moon (buildings) here to attract the river’s good energy,” Yassin notes, “which in turn flows through them towards another building designed like six people holding hands to receive this energy and beam it across the entire city.”

Billions of dollars were spent designing the buildings to invite this invisible good energy, says Yassin.

The result is proof that feng shui works.

“Hangzhou has become one of the fastest growing cities in the world,” Yassin says. “Many believe it’s because of the city design.”

Yassin notes that feng shui is also behind the skylines of Singapore and Hong Kong, both known for being strong financial hubs.

If feng shui had worked for China, Singapore and Hong Kong, why not find out if it could also work for you?

How China Builds!

This blew my mind. There is a lot of Chinese content about this but not a lot in English.After a ton of research, asking around, and reading on this via translations….Here is the crazy story of this city design. INSTAGRAM: @NasDailyGROUP: Nas Daily GlobalSpecial thanks to The JaYoe Nation from Youtube for providing me with some awesome drone shots to illustrate this video!

Posted by Nas Daily on Tuesday, 18 September 2018



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