Heal your body in 24 hours just by eating six roasted garlic cloves.

DEMIC explains why doctors suggest that we use raw garlic as a natural remedy to control high and low blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart attack.

Here’s a rundown on how the body reacts to the effects of garlic.

1st Hour: Garlic is being digested in the stomach, and like most vegetables it becomes food for your body.

2-4 Hours: Garlic begins to fight the free radicals of existing cancer cells.

4-6 Hours: Excess fluids and stored body fat are being removed. The metabolism of your body is starting to recognize the benefits of garlic which are now being activated.

6-7 Hours: A process against bacteria is starting to be performed due to the anti-bacterial properties of the garlic.

6-10 Hours: Your body is now being protected against oxidation as nutrients already played a major role on the cellular level.

It is also important to note that garlic is important for the following:

– Regulation of cholesterol levels

– Strengthening of the Immune system

– Improvement of bone strength

– Elimination of fatigue

– Improvement of athletic performance

– Improvement in the longevity of cells

Why not try healing your body with garlic?



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