People are lining up for hours to dine at the new Hello City Cafe in Irvine, California.

Carolyn Aghajanjan of Los Angeles Insider joins the queue and shares with viewers her Hello Kitty experience.

“It’s my first time at the cafe, and I’m so surprised by how busy it is,” Carolyn says. “People didn’t just come for the food they came for the whole experience.”

Carolyn is surprised with the Hello Kitty fan base in California. Some customers come to the cafe dressed from head to toe in Hello Kitty merchandise like one lady she met.

“Hello Kitty is my life, and I love her,” explains the lady. “She’s just like me. Every day I have a bow at work.”

The main cafe serves sweets with Hello Kitty themes. They have donuts, cookies, mini cakes and macarons.

“It’s things like this that makes me go back to my childhood and feel really good,” another customer says.

The cafe has a special area called the Bow Room where they serve traditional afternoon tea. In the evening, they serve alcoholic beverages.

Young and young at heart girls come here.

“I see a lot of kids, but I see a lot of adults too that are excited to bring their kids,” Carolyn notices.

“They’ve grown up with Hello Kitty, and they’re bringing their love for Hello Kitty to the younger generation,” she concludes.

California's Hello Kitty Café Has Lines Around The Block

California's new Hello Kitty Cafe has lines around the block — here's why!

Posted by LOS ANGELES INSIDER on Tuesday, 9 October 2018



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