Treat violence as a health problem.

According to the World Economic Forum, this approach has helped Glasgow, Scotland deal with violent crime.

Scotland used to be the most violent country in the developed world. In fact, Glasgow was Western Europe’s murder capital in 2005.

Authorities in Scotland have realized that most of the violence was caused by poverty, inequality, toxic masculinity, and alcohol abuse. They then decided to treat it as a health problem.

Such approach enlisted the help of social workers and doctors who worked alongside with the police.

After violent incidents, social workers and doctors helped by defusing tension, stopping revenge attacks and offering therapy.

Children were also educated about knife crime.

Offenders were given jobs and offered housing and education when they leave prison.

The result – Glasgow’s murder rate dropped by 60 percent!

Don’t you think it’s time other countries do the same approach in dealing with violent crimes?

In 2005 Glasgow was Western Europe's murder capital

It changed things by looking at violence in a totally different way. Read more:

Posted by World Economic Forum on Monday, 30 July 2018



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