If you’re up to a hiking adventure, Nepal’s Himalayan trails should be in your bucket list.

It’s a seven-day trek to the Himalayas.

The hike is divided into sections as the altitude increases.

There are also rest days along the way for hikers to acclimatize.

Altitude sickness is a very real risk on the Annapurna trail.

This trail ascends to up to 17,762 feet above sea level.

If you find the trek to the Himalayan wilderness too challenging, you can always go for the Kathmandu trail.

It offers a less demanding hike.

According to National Geographic Travel, Nepal’s economy is deeply reliant on tourism trade. After the earthquake in 2015, Nepal is in need of visitors to help their economy.

So, if you take Nepal’s epic trails, you also help the Nepalese rebuid their lives.

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Posted by National Geographic Travel on Thursday, 22 November 2018



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