Lewis Hornby’s grandmother has dementia and it makes her forget to drink water.

To keep her hydrated, Hornby, 24, invented water-filled “jelly drops” that look like candy.

Each jelly drop is 90 percent water. Taking seven jelly drops is equivalent to drinking a full glass of water.

They are made to look like gummies so patients like his grandmother would be willing to swallow and eat them.

According to In The Know, dementia patients often forget to drink water or have trouble remembering where to find it which can be life-threatening.

This invention of a loving grandson will greatly help people living with dementia.

24-year-old invents brilliant way to help people in their fight against dementia

These Jelly Drops look like delicious gummies, but they’re actually a life-saving invention for people battling dementia

Posted by In The Know on Thursday, 23 August 2018



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