Life in the kitchen is made easier with these foldable stairs.

Nothing would be too high for you to reach even if the item is on the highest kitchen shelf.

The Step 180 cabinet step tool according to In The Know Innovation gives you that extra 15 inches of height.

Much more, the stairs are foldable, you will only need a 1.5-inch gap in the kitchen for installment.

Step 180 also unfolds in two different directions and can support up to 90 kilos of weight.

Step 180 now makes those hard-to-reach kitchen nooks and crannies pretty much within your reach.

Fold-out kitchen stairs make it possible to reach tall shelves

These foldable kitchen stairs help you reach the top shelf of your cabinets 🙌😯

Posted by In The Know Innovation on Friday, 3 August 2018



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