He is known for his roles in the movie series “Taken” and the Oscar-winning film “Schindler’s List.” But do you know that Liam Neeson’s life is one story equally worthy of a movie plot?

At age 9, he started boxing. One day, he got knocked out and decided to quit the ring and try acting. He auditioned in Hollywood but was rejected for being too tall or looking too foreign. He then tried his luck on stage.

According to Life Stories, he was scouted by a famous director one night while performing on stage. That director was Steven Spielberg who chose him to portray Oskar Schindler, the German industrialist who saved the lives of some 1,200 Jews in the Oscar-winning film, “Schindler’s List.”

“Schindler’s List” would open other acting doors for Neeson, including the role of Jedi master Qui-Gon Jinn in the Star Wars franchise.

It was also in theater that Neeson would meet his wife Natasha. He turned down the role of James Bond just so he could marry her.

But after 16 years of marriage, tragedy struck when Natasha hit her head while skiing. She sustained a major head injury that left her in a permanent coma.

“Never take your love for granted and treat every day like it’s your last, because it very well might be,” Neeson said.

Neeson would later be faced with the tough decision of removing Natasha’s life support. But Neeson knew it was what Natasha would have wanted. For the next few years, he left Hollywood to raise his two sons.

“You think your life is going one way and then suddenly, you’re on another track,” he noted.

Neeson returned to Hollywood in his 60s. But work was then hard to find for actors. So he took a chance on a small film that he thought would just go straight to video. That film was “Taken.” But instead of going straight into video, “Taken” would end its run with more than $600 million in ticket sales worldwide.

Since then, Liam has become the ultimate action hero and continued to star in several blockbuster movies. More than that, he continues to be the bravest hero with the biggest heart for his two sons.

Liam Neeson: the Bravest Hero with the Biggest Heart

Today Liam Neeson turns 66!Every action hero has an origin story; this is Liam Neeson's

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