Want to have that unique shade of lipstick but can never find it in any store?

In The Know Beauty takes you to Lipstick Utopia where you can make your own lipstick at their Bite Lip Lab located in New York City, San Francisco and Toronto.

They let you mix your choice of pigments to create an original shade. The shop has over 200 colors. You also get to choose a sheer matte, classic or luminous finish. There’s also an option for customized scent like cherry, vanilla or mint.

Customizing your lipstick costs $55 or P3,000.

Are you willing to spend this much for that unique makeup item?

Bite Lip Lab lets you create lipsticks tailored to your preferences

Customize your lipsticks at Bite Lip Lab 💄

Posted by In The Know Beauty on Thursday, 21 June 2018



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