Freddie Mercury is one of the world’s celebrated rock icons.

He is famous for the lyrics “we are the champions, my friends” and “we will, we will rock you”. His albums sold as many as 300 million copies and topped the charts.

But do you know that this music icon who will later define glam rock with the classic “Bohemian Rhapsody” has roots in India?

According to Brut India, Freddie Mercury whose real name is Farrokh Bulsara, grew up in a Parsi family in the town of Panchgani in Maharashtra.

As a schoolboy, Freddie was considered an introvert focusing only on his music. He had this ability to play in the piano from any tune he heard on the radio.

At age 12, he joined the school band The Hectics as lead singer and guitarist.

At 18, he moved to London with his family enrolling in Isleworth Polytechnic to study art but spent most of his time working on music.

He left home at 20 because his parents kept pushing him to get a job. He pursued a career in music instead.

At 27, he formed the band Queen. He was a flamboyant performer with a passion for theatrics. He wore catsuits and kimonos in his concerts.

At 45, he made an announcement that shocked his fans. He was HIV positive. Shortly after, he died at his home in Kensington, England.

Freddie Mercury may be gone but his music and the phenomenon that is Queen, live on.

Meet Freddie Mercury

He is one of the world’s most celebrated rockstars. But few know about his Indian roots.

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