We know there are undersea communication cables. But do you know that Microsoft has a sunken data center?

It is found off the coast of Scotland.

Microsoft purposely sunk one of their massive data centers in Orkney to save on energy.

According to UNILAD Tech, the underwater data center has enough computers in it to store five million films. It is sealed in a waterproof metal capsule.

And while cooling data centers can take up to 20 percent of energy, it is zero percent underwater.

The data capsule is powered by renewable energy and can run without maintenance for five years.

Microsoft is eyeing to build more of these underwater data capsules in the coming years.

Microsoft Have Sunk One Of Their Data Centres

Microsoft has sunk a massive data centre off the Scottish coast 🖥🌊

Posted by UNILAD Tech on Wednesday, June 6, 2018



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