They describe this tree as a disease-fighting superhero and it thrives everywhere in the Philippines.

The World Economic Forum added that it could be the world’s next superfood.

It is known to the world as moringa but in the Philippines, it is the lowly malunggay.

Every single part of the tree can be used for human consumption that is why scientists are using its unique properties to treat serious illnesses. The fresh leaves are crushed to release a powerful compound and then dried into a powder. It can treat high cholesterol, obesity, and even bowel disorders and diabetes.

Malunggay seeds can help purify water and its leaves can be used as fertilizer.

The tree itself has properties that help it survive. The leaves and pods have unique chemical compounds that defend it against environmental stress and pests. Malunggay trees can survive droughts and can grow rapidly in harsh conditions.

Would you then agree that malunggay is the world’s next superfood?

This Indian tree is a disease-fighting superhero

The tree of life. Read more:

Posted by World Economic Forum on Saturday, 4 August 2018



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