A street artist in Colombia is making murals differently to send a political message.

Artist Sepc paints his murals in black and they look similar to photo negatives.

“It’s based on the same principle as in photography. By taking a picture of the wall, the painting can be revealed through a digital app,” Sepc tells Local Heroes.

“With my art I try to take people out of their daily routines, and let them experience a unique moment in their everyday lives,” he adds.

Sepc has been doing graffiti for 10 years. But he only started doing negative paintings three years ago.

One of his popular murals is a portrait of Miguel Angel Gonzalez who was killed in Colombia’s Cauca region in 2008.

“His father was unfairly sent to jail by the government, and he was later killed for being the political leader of his town.” Sepc said.

“The false positives in Colombia was a problem that occurred when the government began offering rewards for the heads of guerrilla and self-defense group members. Soldiers started killing innocent people to get the rewards,” he explains.

Sepc creates negative paintings but the reactions he gets from people have been more than positive.

Sepc’s negative art has enabled him to participate in art festivals in Brazil, Bolivia, Peru and Mexico.

He hopes to bring his paintings to other different places.

“It’s a different approach and a different interaction to what people are used to,” Sepc said.

“I like that people pass by, take a picture and transform it,” he added.

This Colombian artist makes negative art for a positive change that will blow your mind. ✌Check this artist out: Sepc

Posted by Local Heroes on Friday, 14 December 2018



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