Can breast cancer be treated without surgery?

There is now a new technique discovered in Israel that does not require mastectomies and chemotherapy.

Called cryoablation, the technique destroys the tumor by turning it into a ball of ice.

It uses an extremely cold needle to freeze the damaged tissue without affecting the surrounding healthy tissue. Cryoablation is performed within 15 minutes and leaves no scars behind.

“It’s fantastic. I don’t have words to express to you what a relief it is that they didn’t have to cut me,” patient Nelida Ivaldi tells PlayGround. “The worst nightmare for me is that they have to cut me. Anywhere, especially not my breast.”

The company hopes that through this technology, other women in far flung places of the world will also be given a second chance in life.

“With a portable ultrasound and with our device, you could go to nowhere, in Africa and in India and in China and in other third-world countries, that you cannot do the surgery and they simply die,” said Icecure CEO Eyal Shamir.

A new form of breast cancer treatment has been discovered which requires no surgery.

Posted by PlayGround + on Tuesday, February 5, 2019


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