There’s an archipelago in Scotland that is leading the way with its use of renewable energy.

Orkney or the Orkney Islands is just 990 square kilometers but it is a powerhouse when it comes to clean energy.

According to Climate Reality,it can generate 140% of electricity using wind, wave and tidal power.

The islands are located off the northern coast of Scotland. Being heavily exposed to the Atlantic and North Seas, the islands are surrounded by powerful tides and very strong winds.

In 2017, Orkney was the first to generate hydrogen from tidal power using electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen.

Hydrogen is clean fuel. Hydrogen is compressed into gas and acts as a battery to store excess energy.

It powers two schools on the islands, as well as ferries while they are docked.

In fact, engineers in Orkney are building the world’s first hydrogen-powered ferry to be ready by 2021.

This will cut pollution and carbon emissions from the diesel ferries currently in use.

Climate Reality describes Orkney as having more machines converting ocean energy into electricity than anywhere else in the world.

The Philippines is also an archipelago like the Orkney Islands. Perhaps the country can also learn how to harness natural energy.


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