Summer is here and so is the demand for halo-halo. But do you know that this dessert is not just popular in the Philippines but also abroad?

Amanda Villa-Lobos, a producer for Dessert Insider, gives halo-halo a try in the United Kingdom.

“Hey it’s Amanda, I’m heading out to Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream in London,” she says. “I’m gonna go try this dessert which has like 10 different toppings to it including this ice cream which is made out of a purple root vegetable. So, I’m really interested to know if it tastes good.”

The shop is popular in London selling an average of 300 glasses of halo-halo a day.

“Halo-halo is extremely popular in the Philippines, it’s eaten almost on a daily basis,” explains Omar Shah, owner of Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream.

“Whatever the excuse you have, birthdays, if you are hungry, if you are sleepy whatever the occasion is, you want a halo-halo, you could get a halo-halo on most street corners in the Philippines,” he adds.

Mamasons makes halo-halo this way – The ice cream is made from purple yam making it naturally purple. Pieces of coconut gel, shredded jackfruit, coconut strips and red beans are added next. The glass is then filled with shaved ice covered in evaporated milk. For toppings, they put ube ice cream, leche flan, cereal flakes, crushed Oreo and a water stick.

Amanda’s verdict: “This is nice. I don’t know what I’m tasting, it’s a mix of different things.”

She tries the pieces at the bottom of the glass.

“I can’t say that I’m used to having beans. Beans in my desserts,” she describes. “But is tastes nice. I like the flavors mixed together!”

Filipino Dessert Made With Yam Ice Cream

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Posted by DESSERT INSIDER on Tuesday, October 30, 2018


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