Want to spice up your regular gym day? Why not try the prison-style workout?

A gym in New York offers this alternative. In The Know Presents visits ConBody and meets Coss Marte who created it after going to prison where he used fitness to turn his life around.

“This is a high intensity workout,” explains Coss. “Prison-style workout, it’s all body weight. Various combination of workouts, whether it’s cardio, calisthenics, aerobics.”

His inspiration behind ConBody was his experience while in prison.

“I went in and doctors told me I could probably die because of my health issues,” he shares. “They said my cholesterol levels were through the roof. My blood pressure was crazy. And they said, within five years, I could probably die in prison.”

Coss eventually lost 70 pounds in six months.

Can you do the same or even better?

Prison-style workout class is taught by ex-cons

Conbody is a prison-style boot camp class taught by ex-cons — and the workouts are INTENSE 💪

Posted by In The Know Presents on Friday, 30 March 2018


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