This unincorporated territory of the United States has been devastated by a worst hurricane last year. Fortunately, things are now getting better for its people six months later.

Famous video blogger Nuseir Yassin of Nas Daily explored Puerto Rico recently and these are what he can say about it.

“We landed at 4 am tired, only to be greeted by music at 4 am! We check in the hotel and turns out it’s a palace. We leave to get food; the food looks like a painting. We fly the drone, Puerto Rico itself looks like a painting,” he said.

Puerto Rico, which literally means “rich port” in Spanish, is a Caribbean island like any state in the United States except people here can’t vote and it’s not even considered a state. “It’s beautiful. It’s different,” Nas said.

On September last year, Puerto Ricans suffered from the worst natural disaster on record. Many people died and homes were destroyed but their spirit was not. Six months after, Puerto Rico is making progress.

“Come and visit and give them some love. Trust me, here every little bit helps,” said Nas.


Hello from Puerto Rico! We came here with one mission, to show you the Island of Puerto Rico that was recently devastated by a major hurricane. There are lots of stories to be told and lots of videos to be made! This was just the first 24 hours! Thank you so much Sarah from The Gallery Inn for hosting us and showing us around! And thank you Project Nightfall for helping me make this video!! Love the work ethic.

Posted by Nas Daily on Wednesday, 14 March 2018


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