A company in Mexico makes prosthetic body parts that look incredibly real.

Yahoo features Dianceht, a company that makes hand-painted prosthetics.

It can custom-make fingers, hands, arms, toes and feet and even ears.

They use a silicon-based material instead of a carbon-based one to give the look and feel of actual body parts.

To give patients peace of mind, the prosthetics are often attached through suction and can withstand almost 400 degrees without being compromised.

Once attached, it will be hard to spot the difference.

Mexican company creates incredibly realistic prosthetic limbs

This company hand-paints prosthetic body parts that are so realistic it’s hard to tell the difference 😲 https://yhoo.it/2L9CzR7(via In The Know Innovation)

Posted by Yahoo on Thursday, 2 August 2018



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