The United States produces one billion scrap rubber tires every year. To keep them from piling up in landfills, Eco Green made monster machines to recycle them.

Tech Insider takes you to their factory where these are made useful again.

Eco Green machines can process up to 30 tons of tires per hour. The tires are turned into 2 to 4-inch shreds which can be used for road embankments or be used for fuel.

Other Eco Green machines can make rubber chips, crumbs, and powder.

The shreds contain steel, fiber, and rubber. The Eco Grater removes steel using magnets. The metal-free chips can then be used to make playgrounds.

There is also the Eco Krumbster that can turn rubber into powder. Rubber in powder form can be used in moulded plastic and as sealant.

Rubber tires need not rot in landfills. They can be given second lives!

This should be done in the Philippines.





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