Why buy flatbread when there’s an appliance that can make one for you in just 90 seconds?

In The Know Gadgets discovered Rotimatic which can do exactly that for you.

Rotimatic can make Roti or the Indian pita bread simply by putting the ingredients in the small machine.

This kitchen gadget will automatically measure, dispense, mix and even knead the dough.

In less than two minutes, you’ll have the perfectly round bread evenly cooked and puffed into three layers.

Roti is made easy by this machine because it uses AI or artificial intelligence. It also has Wi-Fi connection so you can easily update the software.

Now, you can eat all the roti you want and also make endless tacos, tortillas and pizza the easy way!

The ‘Rotimatic’ instantly makes the perfect flatbread

This kitchen gadget makes fresh flatbread, pizza dough and tortillas on its own.

Posted by In The Know Gadgets on Wednesday, 1 August 2018



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