There is more to look up to the royal family of Prince William and Duchess Kate.

Child development experts tell Country Living Magazine the royal couple’s parenting technique is amazing.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge use the “active listening” technique with Prince George and Princess Charlotte. They often kneel down while talking to their kids.

Prince William did it on the royal tour of Germany and Poland at Princess Charlotte’s christening, at a charity polo match, and with former President Obama. He was even scolded by the Queen for doing it at the Trooping the Colour!

Gil Connel, a child development expert, explains this gesture can “foster self-esteem in powerful ways while encouraging children to communicate even more.”

Connel says when Will and Kate kneel to their child’s eye level and look George or Charlotte directly in the eye, this is the “active listening” technique which can help children feel like what they’re saying really matters.

The Center for Parenting Education recommends that parents stop what they’re doing and give a child their full attention when they’re talking.

“Hang on his every word,” says Connel. “React with positive verbal and nonverbal cues such as nodding, smiling and hugging and show broad emotion as he speaks so he knows what it feels like to be understood.”

This parenting style may have broken protocol but experts say the Royal Family’s squatting trick is one all parents should follow.


Royal Family's Parenting Tips

Prince William swears by one parenting tip for Charlotte and George—and it's genius.

Posted by Country Living Magazine on Sunday, 28 January 2018



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