It takes 200 years for a plastic drinking straw to completely decompose.

Many of these drinking straws end up in the ocean killing marine life and causing pollution. What made it worse is that 71 percent of dead seabirds and 20 percent of dead sea turtles have been found with plastic straws in their stomachs.

But one company in Taiwan is putting a stop to all of these by inventing a biodegradable drinking straw.

“When we started to design this straw made from plant fibers, it was because we had noticed the many problems of plastic waste and especially marine pollution,” Huang Chien-Chung, the founder of 100% Plants tells NowThis.

100% Plants makes straws made of sugar cane, coffee grounds and bamboo.

“This straw contains a lot of plant fibers,” Chien-Chung explains. “When those natural fibers reach the oceans by accident, the many species that live in the ocean and eat algae are able to eat and digest those fibers. This is why the speed of decomposition of this straw is much faster than that of common plastic straw.”

The biodegradable straw decomposes in six months. It can also withstand temperatures up to 55 degrees Celsius.

Food chains and airlines have already placed their orders. The company has increased production and is starting to ship their product worldwide.

Do you think this is a smart alternative to plastic drinking straws?

Plant-Based Biodegradable Straws Are Taking Off in Taiwan

These biodegradable straws made from plants are the perfect alternative to plastic

Posted by NowThis on Friday, 12 October 2018


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