Where do Lady Gaga, Oprah, Johnny Depp, Dolly Parton, and Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas go to for custom-made shoes?

Los Angeles Insider introduces you to Andre No. 1.

They’ve made the stage boots for KISS. They created Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl boots known as Monster Ball.

“This is what we normally make for her,” tells owner Gary Kazanchyan. “We go from black patent leather to a fabric that’s provided for us.”

They can reconstruct a designer shoe to fit your foot and repair worn shoes. They recreated Alexander McQueen’s iconic Armadillo boot which Los Angeles Insider Caroline Aghajanian tried.

“The arch isn’t too much. Maybe it’s an inch or two inside the actual shoe,” says Caroline. “But I can see why Gaga can walk around in these, dance around in these, and still be comfortable. You just have to get used to the height.”

Why then are their shoes comfortable?

The secret – they use a 3D scanner to create a profile of your feet. They make an exact foot mold.

“When something is store-bought, it’s kind of big all over to fit a lot of people,” explains Kazanchyan. “But when something is tailored to you, then it feels like a glove, it feels like a sock kind of fitted exactly to you.”

Custom shoes start at $3,500 or P185,000.

Will you have one made for yourself?




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