How do you keep a country clean?

Let us learn from Singapore.

“Singapore has been waging war on litter for 50 years,” the World Economic Forum narrates. “It was a major part of Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew’s plans for the new island state.”

Since 1968, there has been a constant series of public campaigns to keep the country clean.

Singapore spends $87M or P4.5M a year for cleaning services. From 2010 to 2014, $3M or P157M was invested annually to clean litter.

That’s not all, there are teams of volunteers that regularly “hunt” for litter.

If you are a tourist visiting Singapore, be aware of the long list of offenses that can cost you a minimum fine of $217 or P11,000. In Singapore, it is an offense to spit, smoke and drop litter.

“It’s not just about keeping the country aesthetically pleasing,” explains the World Economic Forum. “In the tropical climate, rubbish can attract pests and provide a habitat for disease carrying mosquitoes. Between June and October, there is a heightened risk of mosquito-borne dengue fever so authorities work hard to control them.”

Dengue has long been a health problem in the Philippines. Do you think the country should follow Singapore’s example?

This is why Singapore is so clean

A shining example of spotless streets. Learn more about government initiatives in Singapore:

Posted by World Economic Forum on Thursday, November 1, 2018


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