Solar panels provide electricity at daytime. But can it generate power at night?

Climate Reality has found a solar panel invented by Chinese scientists that makes it all possible.

The panels are equipped with a device that generate power at night by harnessing the power of rain.

When raindrops fall onto the cell and roll off, friction generates an electric charge. The device is then able to convert motion into energy.

A prototype is expected within three to five years.

According to Climate Reality, this invention could make solar panels more productive and solar energy more reliable.

What’s more, innovations like this could save a lot of people from climate change. It also creates jobs and lowers pollution.

As the Philippines has been investing in renewable energy. This is an investment the country shouldn’t miss!

Chinese scientists have invented solar panels that can generate power at night

Solar panels need daytime sunlight to generate electricity, right? Well, not necessarily. (via World Economic Forum)

Posted by Climate Reality on Wednesday, 15 August 2018



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