How do you stop landslides?

In Kenya, thousands of people are displaced and hundreds are killed every year because of landslides.

The World Economic Forum shows just how farmers in that country have found an innovative solution to solve this problem.

They planted bamboo on dangerous hillsides and riverbanks.

Once planted, bamboo easily multiplies spreading its roots rapidly making it more stable during heavy rain and preventing soil erosion.

But there is more to bamboo for Kenyans than landslide protection.

It has also become a source of income for them.

Farmers make furniture and build homes from harvested bamboo.

Bamboo is also used as poles in building fences for their farms.

Planting bamboo does not only keep them safe, it also gave them a livelihood.

Bamboo-zling nature. 🔎 Learn more about managing natural disasters:

Posted by World Economic Forum on Monday, May 13, 2019


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