People in the U.S. are lining up for this fast-casual salad restaurant.

“I just love the ingredients. They’re super fresh. I get the same salad every single time I come here,” a customer tells Food Insider. “I’ve been trying to be fiscally responsible, but I usually come, like every day, Monday through Friday, anyway.”

The restaurant is called Sweetgreen and it has 83 branches across eight states in the U.S.

It was started by three college friends in 2007.

“We were three seniors at Georgetown, and we just wrote a business plan and looked around and asked for as much help and advice as possible, and wrote our business plan and opened the first Sweetgreen two months after graduation,” Nelson Jammet, Sweetgreen co-founder recalls.

“We’ve pretty much learned everything we’ve done while doing it, whether it’s how to source this food, how to connect with farmers, how to source compostable packaging, how to build a team,” he adds.

The ingredients for the salads are locally sourced and made from scratch. They work with over 150 farms from around the country. Sweetgreen purchases 34,000 pounds of produce every day.

“Every region for us is a mini supply chain,” says Jammet. “The menu changes five times a year based on what’s coming in and out of season.”

The way they do things results in happy and satisfied customers who keep coming back.

“I went searching around my neighborhood to find a salad place and this is the spot,” says one customer.

“I just like that you can get really quality food and products and I feel like I’m having a really and filling lunch,” adds a lady customer.

Sweetgreen Salads

People are obsessed with this fast-casual salad chain.

Posted by FOOD INSIDER on Wednesday, 7 February 2018


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