Can one swim in fire?

A diver in the United States has discovered a spot where it one could appear as is swimming in “fire.”

National Geographic Travel presents “Devil’s Ear” in a video after joining the dive in High Springs, Florida.

By swimming a few hundred feet to the Devil’s Spring system, one can reach the Devil’s Ear.

It’s the point where the Santa Fe River meets and mixes with the clear spring water.

This is also the point where the magical moment happens.

The river produces a dark-tea colored water resembling fire.

It is caused by the tannins released from the roots and fallen leaves of the cypress trees.

If you are a diving enthusiast, this should definitely be on your bucket list!

Caused by tannins from the Santa Fe River, the unusual flame-like waters near Florida's Devil's Ear spring make for a unique diving experience.

Posted by National Geographic Travel on Sunday, 18 November 2018



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