Ancient walls made of stone blocks fit perfectly together without the use of mortar that until today, no blade can penetrate.

National Geographic Travel takes you to Machu Picchu in Peru.

Machu Picchu, located on a high ridge and surrounded by the Urubamba river 2,000 feet below, is described as a tangible evidence of the power and achievement of the Inca Empire at its peak.

The ruins display a citadel of palaces, plazas, temples and homes that were built in the 15th century.

Experts assess that at least a thousand people lived in Machu Picchu at its height.

The Incas have no written language so no record was ever found explaining why Machu Picchu was built, what was its purpose, and the reason why it was abandoned in the early 16th century. Machu Picchu remains a mystery.

Machu Picchu, Peru

These legendary ruins are a worthy travel bucket-list item, and for good reason.

Posted by National Geographic Travel on Saturday, 18 August 2018



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