He was the special effects artist behind the evil Chucky doll that was brought to life with the use of animatronics in the horror flick “Child’s Play.”

For over 30 years, Kevin Yagher has helped to make many of Hollywood’s scariest characters come to life with the use of special effects, animatronics and make up.

Yagher was also behind the effects and makeup that transformed actor Robert Englund into the creepy Freddy Krueger for the slasher film “Nightmare on Elm Street.”

He also made the animatronic replicas of John Travolta and Nicolas Cage for “Face/Off.”

“I’ve got a team of artists. It’s not just me by myself,” Yagher tells Los Angeles Insider. “I’m not Gepetto with Pinocchio by myself.”

For millennials, he’s popular online for his fun videos.

One video shows him giving a baby head a haircut.

“Silicone attracts static electricity, and the hair would stick to it,” explains Yagher. “So you have to blow it off with an air compressor. So I’m just blowing the baby’s head off with that and getting all the hair off of it.”

He admits that most of the movie effects now are done using computers. But he found a way to connect to millennials.

“We don’t build animatronic puppets as much anymore. You can introduce what you do to a new audience. And younger people who never saw this stuff in the theater,” he concludes.

Special Effects Artist Creates Amazingly Terrifying Movie Props

This special effects artist's movie props are terrifying. 🙀

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