William Shatner became a star for giving life to Star Trek’s Captain James Kirk, fearless captain of the USS Enterprise.

But when the show that made him famous was suddenly cancelled, Shatner found himself unemployed, divorced and with little money.

At 38 years old, he had lost everything.

Life Stories tells Shatner’s journey back to stardom calling it Captain Kirk’s true redemption story.

“You have to create your life,” explains Shatner. “You have to carve it, like a sculpture.”

Having played Captain Kirk left Shatner with a few acting roles to choose from. He decided to change career after his divorce to support his three kids.

He released a music album. But coming up with his version of “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” was voted as one of the worst covers of song ever.

With no work and little money, he was forced to sell his house.

To find employment, he settled performing in small theaters after another every night. To save, he would skip taking hotels and just sleep in his truck cooking food on a little stove at the back of his camper.

He took odd jobs including small guest appearances dressing as Captain Kirk in small parties and gathering of Star Trek fans.

On weekends, Shatner made it a point to drive home to spend time with his daughters.

“I believe that when things happen, they happen with a purpose,” he stresses.

Then came the box office hits Star Wars and Close Encounter of the Third Kind.

It gave way for the revival of Star Trek series and allowed Shatner to reprise his role as captain of the USS Enterprise.

He was in all seven Star Trek movies.

Shatner also starred in several TV series and won two Emmy Awards.

It may have been a bumpy ride but Shatner reflects on his journey to redemption this way – “I was built for the long run, not for the short dash.”

William Shatner: Find Your Way Back

William Shatner was 38 years old when he lost everything. With the cancellation of Star Trek came years of unemployment, hardship and loneliness. This is Captain Kirk's true redemption story.

Posted by Life Stories on Sunday, 23 September 2018


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