How do you remove floating plastic trash and keep them from entering the ocean?

This is the reason South African entrepreneur Richard Hardiman created WasteShark, an aquatic drone designed to autonomously cruise harbors and gulp down garbage before the waste drift out to sea.

The drone is manufactured by Hardiman’s Netherlands-based company RanMarine.

In The Know Conservation shows how the drone works.

When the drone is released in urban rivers and water systems, it collects a variety of trash such as plastics, microplastics, floating debris and even harmful alien vegetation like duckweed.

This predator can hold up to 770 pounds or 350 kilos of debris.

But that’s not all. The drone shark is created to leave no carbon footprint keeping the environment safe.

Now this is one shark you wouldn’t mind approaching !

This little innovation is reducing plastic waste ♻️

Posted by In The Know Conservation on Saturday, February 2, 2019


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