Have you ever wondered how tequila is made?

Before taking that shot, Food Network gives you a tour of Jose Cuervo’s flagship distillery.

It all starts in the blue agave fields of Mexico. The alcoholic drink comes from the agave heart or core that is also called a piña because it looks like a pineapple.

At the distillery, the agave cores are cooked in the oven for 40 hours. Juice is then extracted from the pulp which is fermented and distilled.

You get while tequila when its freshly distilled but with age, it turns a darker color.

Tequilas are commonly served with a shot of salt and lime.

But according to Food Network, if it’s a good one, you won’t need that combination. All you’ll need to do is swirl, take a swig and enjoy!

How to Make Tequila with Jose Cuervo

Ever wonder how tequila is made? Jose Cuervo showed us the ropes and it has us like: 😮! 🍹Every day should be #NationalTequilaDay!

Posted by Food Network on Tuesday, 24 July 2018



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