The head wrap is a fashion accessory that will definitely not go out of style.

Both men and women have worn it long before the catwalk was even invented.

Head wraps are products of centuries of tradition.

National Geographic Travel shows how the head wrap is worn all over the world.

Tuareg men of the Sahara wear distinctive blue head wraps. They believe that covering the face wards off evil. The head wrap also serves as a protection from hot and howling desert wind.

For over 400 years, the Xhosa women on the eastern cape of South Africa have worn head wraps. You can tell a Xhosa woman’s status and age with her head wrap. Its size increases as the woman ages.

But for the largest head wraps, go to India and visit the Nihang, members of a Sikh armed order. The largest Nihang turban has 1,323 feet of material containing religious symbols made of metal. The Nihang men traditionally wear their head wraps as protection from sword blows and as a way to hide weapons.

Now isn’t wearing a head wrap cool?

These head-turning fashions highlight the vibrancy of cultures from around the world.

Posted by National Geographic Travel on Saturday, 29 December 2018


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