A machine that can harvest hundreds of root vegetables in just a minute.

Science Channel shows how the Dewulf Harvester can efficiently harvest carrots.

The method is called Top Lifting. A rubber belt pulls the carrots out by the stems. Rotary cleaners then shake the dirt off. The carrot tops are cut off and the stems are dumped back into the field.

The harvester can dig up to 100 tons of carrots per hour.

But even at that speed, the harvester is designed to gently handle vegetables.

The harvester can also be used to harvest red beets, parsley and parsnips.

With this machine, back aches from harvesting root vegetables will now be a thing of the past for farmers.

This Machine Harvests Hundreds Of Carrots At Once

Watching carrots being torn the ground has never been so satisfying. (via Seeker

Posted by Science Channel on Tuesday, 4 September 2018



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