If you are in Cape Town, South Africa, you better keep an eye on your belongings especially if baboons are around.

They may look animated and interesting, but sometimes they can be notoriously aggressive thieves.

According to National Geographic Travel, a new study explains their tactics and behavior.

By attaching GPS collars on male baboons, scientists track their movements while finding food. The study found out that baboons employ a sit-and-wait strategy. They only raid neighborhoods and homes at the most opportune times.

The study reveals urban baboons forage only about 10 percent of their time. It is considerably less than their counterparts in rural areas.

Given these findings, you better be more alert when you visit rural parts of South Africa.

Thieving Baboons

It's always good to keep an eye on your belongings—especially if baboons are around.

Posted by National Geographic Travel on Sunday, November 4, 2018



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