Imagine nymphs singing and performing underwater.

You won’t need to imagine anymore because this Danish ensemble has made it all happen.

In The Know Creative gives you a glimpse of their amazing performance in Aquasonic, the world’s first underwater band performance.

The band performs its concert completely submerged in tanks.

They have developed a technique for aquatic singing and playing of instruments.

With the help from scientists and deep-sea divers, they are able to make music from custom-made musical instruments such as a hydraulophone, a crystallophone and a rotacorda. The instruments can play while submerged in water.

Even their tanks function as musical instruments. The tanks are made in a specific size and are set at a particular temperature to get the sounds right.

Breathing of the band’s members, however, are planned in the compositions so they can go up for air.

Aquasonic is on a tour around the world making it easier for you to watch this breathtaking performance.

World’s first underwater band

Listen to this aquatic band play a concert underwater 😮

Posted by In The Know Creative on Thursday, 19 July 2018



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